In the sacred place where descendants of ancient gods founded the famed Mycenaen Acropolis, there is a house right on the edge of the modern world and only a few meters before the mythical kingdom.

    Dear Travelers,

    Welcome to Petite Planète!

    Built in the early 1970s on a small hill, dominated by stone and wood, La Petite Planete has 28 rooms, 2 dining rooms, a large terrace with view to the valley of Argolis and a beautiful pool in the back garden.

    We are waiting you

    "La Petite Planete" is located near large cities and easily accessed.


    El. Venizelos airport: 149 km
    Athens: 119 km
    Piraeus port: 119 km
    Patra:165 km
    Tripoli: 60 km
    Olympia: 190 km
    Sparta-Mistras: 136 km

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    Mycenae, Greece