In the place where the gods chose to build their sanctuaries and their descendants to create the famous Mycenaean city, Dassi family, in a beautiful hotel, has been welcoming for forty years the travelers that pass through.
The name of the "Little Planet" hotel is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's novel hero "The Little Prince" who was fortunate to discover the beauty of love through his long journey. We wish the same for your own travels!

The place is ideal for lovers of history, archeology, people who love nature wandering, seeking the tranquility and grandeur of simplicity.

Near to our petit planet

Within walking distance of our hotel you can see sights of unique beauty and monuments of archaeological interest from the beginning of civilization. You can organize your nature trips to mountains, lakes, rivers and all you can imagine.

We are waiting you

"La Petite Planete" is located near large cities and easily accessed.


El. Venizelos airport: 200 km
Athens: 170 km
Piraeus port: 150 km
Patra:230 km
Tripoli: 178 km
Olympia: 309 km
Sparta-Mistras: 211 km

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Mycenae, Greece